Here are some examples of how Joseph can maintain your garden throughout the seasons


Coppice shrubs grown for winter stems

Lift and divide large clumps of perennials

Plant summer flowering bulbs

Feed fruit with potash to promote good cropping

Prune  clematis and honeysuckle

Scarify lawns

Plant shallots, garlic and early potatoes

Begin to keep weeds under control

Divide bamboo, grasses and water lilies

Apply spring lawn feed

Feed roses

Dead head and feed Narcissus

Plant Lilium  bulbs in pots to fill summer borders

Begin to stake herbaceous borders






Lift and divide large clumps of spring flowering bulbs

Begin selective herbicide application on fine lawns

Begin to monitor for lily beetle, slugs and snails

Tie in juvenile growth on climbers to prevent wind damage

Clip box

Sow biennials for flowering next year

Prune cherries and plums

Continue deadheading of summer bedding and repeat flowering perennials

Cut out fruited stems on summer raspberries

Summer prune trained apples and pears to encourage next year’s fruit buds

Regular application of liquid seaweed to both turf and flower borders

Trim all hedges to maintain shape

Clear algae and blanket weed from ponds

Cut back extension growth on Wisterias






Protect fruit and leafy crops from bird damage

Begin to cut back faded perennials

Plant tulip bulbs in planters and borders for next spring

Scarify and aerate fine turf, apply autumn feed

Harvest apples, pears and nuts

Plan for buying and planting new trees

Clear fallen leaves and compost

Plant winter bedding

Plant out biennials and spring cabbages

Collect seed catalogues and begin to order next year’s seeds

Clean and store terracotta pots and planters and protect from frosts

Lay new turf, repair damaged and uneven lawns





Take hardwood cuttings

Build compost bins

Add grease bands to fruit trees to prevent winter moth damage

Finish cutting back herbaceous borders, leaving attractive seed heads for winter

Clean and disinfect glasshouses, white wash brickwork

Lift and divide herbaceous perennials

Install new garden paths

Erect new fencing

Install new plant supports

Winter digging and drainage improvement

Maintain garden machinery

Start sowing early summer annuals , sweet peas and broad beans

Hard prune Wisteria

Winter prune apples and pears

Prune soft fruit


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